Houston Goes to the Dogs: Houston’s Puppies For Breakfast Event!

Don’t worry. It’s not what you’re thinking. 

Everyone loves dogs. I certainly do, along with wholesome opportunities to be around them any chance I get. ALL dogs are Good Boys. Every last one of them. In fact, I can safely say that any event that involves dogs is a win-win opportunity in my book. 

So with that in mind, the 10th Annual Puppies for Breakfast event is the perfect outdoor festival opportunity for all things dog-centric! This furry festival features more than 60 vendors and artists, the world’s largest dog pinata, dog costume contests, music from DJ Dayta, photo booths, small dog contests, and breakfast and lunch at the best local food trucks in the Houston area! I don’t know about you but all of that sounds absolutely doggone fantastic!

And the icing on the cake is that guests are encouraged to bring their dogs to enjoy some outdoor playtime in the event’s custom 2,500-square-foot play area. My old dog Sparky, long since passed on, would have loved an opportunity like this. And for those of you dog-owners looking to go out and enjoy some sun with man’s best friend, this is the #1 place to be! Just make sure your pooch is good around other dogs!

Stuff like this is why I love Houston. We have a booming pet-welfare industry with our passionate local ASPCA and the sunny climate offers a ton of perks for dog-owners everywhere. Plus, Houston’s easy housing community offers plenty of affordable pet-friendly apartment options for those of you looking for a good place to settle down with Fido. Based on past experience, I’ve found that Villa Nueva, Sedona Pointe, Shadow Creek, and Diamond Hill are all excellent places to be for affordable pet-friendly services.

Puppies for Breakfast is a great festival for those of you who love dogs as much as I do. Admission is FREE and the event will start at 10 am at 100 Jenson Drive. For additional information, you can visit their main website HERE. Wag your tails and let’s go!


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Apr 27